For your convenience, our most common resident questions are answered right here.

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Q: How is my rent calculated?

A: Rent is approximatly 30% of your adjusted monthly gross income.

Q. When is rent due?

A. Rent is due on the first of each month, regardless what day of the week it falls on.

Q. How do I apply for housing?

A. When we anticipate upcoming openings at any of our complexes, we host a waiting list for interested individuals to apply. All family members 18 and older must fill out an application, in person at the desired property the day of the waiting list. For details on which of our properties are currently accepting applications, call our waiting list hotline at (419)725-9794.

Q. How long is the waiting list?

A. Our experience has shown us that most applicants want to move in within 60 days. Because of that, we believe in keeping our lists short so we can move you in as quickly as possible.

Q. How soon am I able to move in?

A. If you work with us to get HUD the required paperwork quickly, you could potentially move in in as little as a week from the time of your application.

Q. How do you determine the number of bedrooms my family requires?

A. As a general policy, there should not be more than two heart beats per bedroom in any apartment. To be eligible for a two-bedroom unit, you need to have proof of at least two heart beats in your family. Families with two persons per room should determine their own families’ sleeping arrangements.

Q. Is there a grace period to pay rent?

A. You have up-to and including the 5th day of the current month to pay rent without incurring late fees. On the 6th day of the month there is a $5 charge; after the 6th, the late fees increases by another $1 per day until rent is paid.

Q. Is smoking allowed?

A. Smoking is allowed in your home only. Smoking is NOT allowed in public hallways, stairwells or laundry rooms.

Q. Are pets allowed on the property?

A. No pets are allowed at the following four family properties: Byrneport, Norwich, Highland Crest or Ottawa Cove. Management will consider requests for aquariums. Pets are welcome at Fountain Square Apartments of Oregon.

Q. What happens if my income changes after I’ve moved in?

A. HUD requires all income changes be reported to the property manager. Once reported, the manager will verify the change and run the appropriate paperwork to increase/decrease your rent. If reported within 30 days, your rent will change effective the first of the next or following month so you will have a 30-day notice of change.